An Inspirational and Motivating Story…Don’t Ever Give up…Don’t Ever Quit!

The African Diamond mine

A story of perseverance.

A man and his family lived in Africa on a huge farm.  His farm was his life dream.  It was one of his life goals.  He had a somewhat successful farm that took years to create.  Life was tough though, and he worked hard all the time.  Farming isn’t easy and they had to work, work, work, with little or nothing extra to really show for it.  The farmer wanted so badly to provide the best things for his family.  It was hard, but he was doing the best that he could.  He embraced the farming process of planting, cultivating, harvesting, repeat.  Year after year after year he did this, until he started to get a little older.  At that point, he started to get a very sore body and a very tired mind.

He was really starting to wear out and it was now, once again, time for him to start the task of plowing by hand the smallest, yet most difficult stretch of terrain on his farm.  It was hilly, bumpy, and windy.  But as he looked at that plot and his hand plow, he simply could not push himself to get it done that day.  No more!  Not even 1 more time.  He simply felt that he had nothing left in his tank.  So in the house he went.  At that point, the farmer and his wife made the toughest decision of their lives.  They made the decision to sell the farm and do their best to live off of what they would get for it.  He took all of that hard work…all of those long days in the field…the good times and the bad…he threw it all away.  The wonderful farm that he had built was worth nothing to him anymore.  He let go of his dream!

Part 2.

The man who bought the farm was not even really a farmer.  In fact, he was not much of anything at all.  He was certainly not a hard worker and things seemed to come very easily for him.  He was just one of “those normal guys.”  As the story goes, one day he went out to have a little fun and see just how that hand plow worked that he had been told about.  He thought, “Can’t be that hard.”  He picked that small yet tough little area of the farm that the other farmer had not been able to plow.  And he picked it simply because it was the closest plot to the door which led him to the house.  The plow was tough to use, and he felt as though his arms and legs were going to fall off after going just a mere 5 feet.  He decided though to give it one more tug.

The plow came to a sudden stop as he hit something hard in the soil that felt like a rock.  Whatever he hit though, made kind of a “tingy” kind of a sound, as opposed to the blank, deep thud of a rock.  He bent over to pick up whatever it was that he hit and realized that it was a diamond.  Not just any diamond though.  After digging a hole around it nearly a foot in diameter, he could finally pull the whole thing out…The diamond was as larger than his fist!  He ended up owning land on top of the largest diamond mine in African history.

In 5 minutes, this very mediocre, lazy, average person went from being pretty much a nothing to someone who everyone else in the world envied.  He would never have to worry about money or fame for the rest of his life.  He had stumbled upon something fantastic.

When you work and work and work, and you feel like you cannot go on another second.  When you feel that you have no more gas left in the tank.  When you feel like you are ready to call it quits…Think of the first farmer and realize that your diamond mind might just be 5 short feet in front of you.  Keep going.  Keep working…Keep plowing!

And remember, if you don’t, there will be someone just like the 2nd farmer waiting to steal your dream right out from under your feet.

-Corey Twigg

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