What Makes Someone a Good Baseball Player? My 10 Baseball Truths

My 10 Baseball Truths:

  1.  You will never be called a true ballplayer

     if you walk after a baseball.

  1.  No one has ever hit a baseball 

         with the bat laying on their shoulder.

  1.  If you are trying to live off of yesterday’s memories, 

          you’re going to get beat by those who live for today…

          Every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  1.  If you listened to anything that your 1st coach ever told you…

         Your chin would always be up.  

          It would not be down when you were feeling sorry for           yourself.

  1.  For God’s sake…If you are going to slide…slide.  

         If you are going to swing…swing.  

         If you are going to dive…dive.  

         And if you are going to throw it…

         Then throw it damn it!

  1.  Don’t look at your glove or the “bumpy ground” in front of you when you boot one.  

        Be a man and get the next one.  

         And remember this…

         If everyone fielded every ball, we would have no need          for players who worked hard to get the next one.

  1.  Run it out, run it out, run it out….and…

          you guessed it…RUN IT OUT!

  1.  The 1st time you quit is the toughest.  

          The 2nd 3rd 4th time get much easier.

  1.  Umpires will never be as perfect as you are. 

          They are human, unlike yourself.  

          Don’t blame them for your misfortune.  

         Don’t leave it up to them.  

         Take care of making sure that it’s not left in their                  hands.  

         Do your job and worry about yourself.

  1.  A pitcher without control…

         More than their array of pitches, 

         More than their body, 

         and More than their mind…HAS NOTHING!

         -Corey Twigg

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