An Inspirational and Motivating Story for TEAMS! “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

 The Lodge

Two teams started out in an effort to climb to the peak of the highest mountain on earth, in order to take in the most miraculous view that the world had to offer.  One thing was certain…It would take more hard work than these teams had ever experienced in order to get to the top.  Both teams began with the exact same materials, and both teams had the exact same opportunity…The opportunity to rise to the top of the mountain, up into the clouds, and see the most beautiful view that this world has to offer.

The trek from the bottom was steep and dangerous, but nothing like it would be as the 2 teams got closer and closer to the top.  They would walk, climb, struggle, work, sweat, bleed, cry, and realize pain and suffering like nothing they had ever felt.  They would face much adversity..A mentally or physically weak team would certainly not even begin to make it.

Upon getting halfway up the mountain, both of the teams came across the most beautiful and luxurious lodge that anyone had ever seen.  Inside, they found maids and butlers, the coldest water, the finest meats and cheeses in all the land, big screen TV’s, hot tubs, a swimming pool, medical care, comfortable furniture, couches and beds…Anything that one could ever want.  It was all there.  This place was the greatest place on Earth…Or at that time, so they thought…

One of the teams chose to stay at the chalet, as they had decided that making it halfway up the mountain was a good enough for them.  And who could tell them that there was anything more beautiful than that lodge anyway.  My gosh.  They decided together to then go back down to the bottom and to go on home. To put it somply…They felt that they had accomplished enough.

The other team though, had a vision in their heads of what the view from the top must be like.  They also had a goal in their minds, and they would not be denied.  They had the work ethic, and they had everything that it was going to take.  In every free moment of their climb, they talked, dreamed and imagined of just how beautiful the view would be if they could just reach the top of this huge mountain together.  They also thought a lot about how good it would make them feel.  It was all that they had ever wanted, all that they cared about, all that they dreamed of.  It would make them winners…It would make them champions!

This team only stayed in the lodge for about an hour…To simply replenish their hiking materials and get patched up a little bit by the medical staff.  As soon as that was done, they dug their heels in and kept moving forward.  They began the 2nd half of what was now a very treacherous hike, towards the peak, together.  This was 3 times as dangerous and difficult as the 1st half.  It was now was almost a 90-degree slope, straight up.  It looked like the peak reached through the clouds and into the Heavens.  They knew that it was not going to be easy…But they also knew that it was going to be worth it!

With the strongest amount of determination that this team could muster, with the best work ethic possible, with a very humble spirit, and with a never-ending will to succeed, this TEAM finally made it to the crest of the huge mountain.  They were finally able to look at the view of the paradise that lay before them. And man was that view sweet!  The most beautiful “prize” that any of the players had ever laid their eyes upon and touched.  To any whom had not made the journey, it could not be explained.  The only true way to understand was to make this journey yourself.  Let’s face it.  There is no way to explain to a commoner what reaching the ultimate goal through teamwork is like.  It cannot be done.

And as they looked down the mountain to the very, very bottom…They saw the other team who had accepted mediocrity. 

Once again, as with each and every season that had come before…That team had the entire mountain left in front of them to climb. 

But…The TEAM who persevered had one thought and one thought only…It is an incredible feeling to be on top of the world!  I am pretty sure…That in their minds…They never really came down.

That’s the story of the Lodge…

-Corey Twigg

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