Baseball Lesson 101…Sliding Back Into First Base…Don’t get picked off…”GET DIRTY!

Why is it, that some players just can’t seem to “Get Dirty” at first base?

I’ve watched it over and over…And over again at the HS level, right on down to good ole’ Daddy Ball.  It’s “that kid” who can’t seem to get himself dirty on a pick-off throw to first base no way no how.  He will try and go in standing, give a half-hearted attempt at getting dirty, or even worse (see below)…

Here’s the scenario:  All-State Johnny decides that he is going to go back into 1B standing, as a pick off attempt is made…AND………You guessed it.  He gets picked off. Typically, the next thing that I see, is  my 1st base coach chewing Johnny’s rear-end.

Here’s the funny thing…

That was absolutely nothing compared to what that player was going to get from me, as soon as I can get myself anywhere near him.  Nuclear meltdown in 3-2-1…I am honestly seething mad right now, just thinking about it.  What makes it even worse?  I did not have the steal sign on!

I am 43 years old, and a little overweight, but I would still have no problem whatsoever “getting dirty” by diving back into first base.  This art form then, obviously, takes no great skill or mastery (as I have none of either of those).  All you have to do is take a step and dive.  My fat butt will still be able to do that 10+ years from now.  Are you kidding me?  You just showed the world that you are a 16-year old, non-athletic, poor excuse for a baseball player…Prima Donna!

Getting picked off of first base….OH MY…That is one thing, as a coach, that honestly makes my blood boil.

How anyone can get picked off of first, with no steal on, and without a crafty left-hander on the bump is beyond me.  So unless you have slipped, tripped, or have fallen, you better get as far away from me as you possibly can.

And next time…

-Corey Twigg

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