A Terrible Atrocity

To those who completed this awful atrocity to the young man with special needs in Chicago…

I simply want you to know this. God was watching. God is always watching. God saw the entire thing…He saw it even better than those of us who had to squirm and be sickened by the FB video that you so proudly posted. I will wish no evil upon you, as that is not what God asks us to do. I will do my best to forgive you for your wicked ways and your cruel acts, as God asks us to do…But 1 thing remains the same and will always remain the same for the rest of your life here on earth. No matter what you do or what I do. He saw the whole thing and he now knows how you CHOOSE to live, how you CHOOSE to act, and how you CHOOSE to treat others. And make no mistake. This was your CHOICE. He is watching Every day…Every minute…And Every second. I just ask that you all think about that over the next few days/months/years.

-Corey Twigg

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