For My Youth or High School Baseball TEAM, Just How Important are Organization and Discipline?

How important is it for a coach to have organization and discipline with a HS Baseball TEAM/Program?

Put it this way…
It is only the most important 2 things that can possibly be offered to the athletes.  And you just might be surprised at which one ranks #1 out of the 2. 

Many people would say that an organized coach is the most important thing.  I agree that organization is very important, but I do feel that discipline, excuse the pun, “Trumps” it. 

The other important thing to realize here, is that Organization greatly affects and helps Discipline, and vice versa.

Many coaches today seem to want to be well-organized…But many of them seem to run the other way (scared to death) when it comes to discipline.  And why is this?  Is it parents/Athletic Directors/Administrators…What exactly is it?

Point Blank => You must take discipline by the horns and deliver it like a Hurricane delivers wind if you want to be as successful as you want to be.  Without it, you are truly lost.

Is it because parents and kids have such a tough time accepting discipline these days?  Truth be told, many times, this is because the discipline today is not usually delivered efficient and blunt manner.  Be the coach that breaks that mold, and take us back to when discipline mattered, and when discipline mattered as much as anything else a TEAM had to offer…PLEASE.  Be that guy, and stand up/stand out for a positive reason! Don’t be that coach who chooses to look the other way!  Make no bones about it…It is your choice.  Plain and simple.  

I also hate to be the bearer of bad news here folks, but you can have the BEST Organizational coach on the face of the planet…Without discipline to go along with it, you might as well just flush your organization right down the toilet. Without discipline, your TEAM will not be able to come close to meeting the organizational goals.  If there is no discipline, you will be lucky to even meet the organizational goal of starting practices on time…Because kids will feel that it is OK to be late without the discipline piece in place.

Look at it like this:
Some parts of organization for a coach are these….
1- Everyone being on time.
2 – Running efficient practices.
3 – Presenting the the agenda ahead of time.

Without discipline along with it, we see…
1 – Players being late.
2 – Players destroying practice efficiency, which you worked so hard to provide, with their lazy non-hustling behaviors.
3 – Forgetting the agenda completely, and not following the plan because the players are being lackadaisical and going about it in a half-***** fashion.

You see what I am saying here?????
A lack of discipline will kill a very organized coach/practice/pre-game routine every time.  It will kill the organization before it even gets started.  The bus will not even start.

Discipline needs to be set in place, the moment that the players walk in the door and meet you for the first time.  Not 1 second later. 

If you do not set the tone immediately, you have already set yourself up for failure.  And to try doing this later on is like trying to change your oil after the engine has already blown up.

#1 Priority – Discipline
#2 Priority – Organization

-Corey Twigg

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