Caring for a Baseball Field…Teach the Kids to Care for their Field…Make them Accountable and Responsible Team Members.

Teach your players to take care of their own field.

None of you would have any clue how much it aggravated me as a coach, when kids acted lazy…And acted like I was asking for a pint of blood when we had work days on the baseball field. 

So……………..Did I just tell them to throw down their rakes and shovels, and tell them to go home?  Did I just tell them that the coaches and myself would finish it up for them?  Heck no I didn’t do that!

After they ran the bases, positions, a few poles, or 6 or 7 wind sprints, I would then kindly ask them to “Stay busy, and not let me see them trying to hide from work ever again.”  

It never took more than one time of doing that…And magically these seemingly lazy high school athletes would all turn into friggin backhoes and earth moving machines.  Oh yeah…like they had done that kind of work for the last 15 or 20 years of their lives. Absolutely Amazing! 

If your TEAM cannot take care of their own field, then how in the world are you going to expect them to take care of anything else?

I played Division 1 baseball (though be it at the Mid-Major level)…And I cannot tell you how many blisters were on my hands, and how many times I was swimming through the grass with the tarp or how many 100 pound bags of Turface that I carried over 200 feet every single time.  A HUGE THANK YOU to Carter Giles (My HS Baseball Coach) for training me and teaching me that responsibility in HS.  Had it not been for him, I am honestly not sure how I would have made it.  That’s right…We did field maintenance nearly as much as we did baseball…No Joke.  

I also cannot explain to any of you how much pride this gave me in my teammates. Both in HS and in College, our fields were almost alway playable.  More than I could say for some other programs, that is for sure.  And one of the best parts of the whole thing?  We could call it “Our Field,” because it was.  Our blood sweat and tears were in that plush green grass and in that perfectly manicured dirt…So it really was “OUR FIELD!”

So many coaches do not understand how important this aspect is to their perspective programs.  It makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE in so so many areas.

It’s true.

-Coach Twigg

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