Youth Sports Problems and Issues…Parents Do Not Behave, and They Blame the Coach for Nearly Everything.

When a parent does not agree with a coach…Or his kid doesn’t play enough…Or that parent is not happy with the lineup or the defense or whatever the case may be…

How does that suddenly turn into “This coach sucks”…”He knows nothing”…”We need to get rid of him!”…

Then, when that parent’s child is given another chance/opportunity, it becomes…”He’s not so bad”…”He is being smart”…”I think we can keep him!”

We truly need, as a society in general, to grow up and toughen up.  There is nothing wrong with competition, nothing wrong with tough love, nothing wrong with adversity or failure…Nothing wrong with having to earn it.

There is a better and stronger society (both physically and mentally) within us!  We need to all learn to be OK with learning to be stronger, and learning that life is not simply how we want it to be.  As much as we would all like to be in charge…We are not.  And we better soon learn to realize that and deal with it.

I feel much better now…Thank you.

-Corey Twigg

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