Tim Allen’s Story…How He Went From Rags to Riches…Literally. How do You Want to be Remembered?

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Imagine if you could take a ride into the future.  To go and see where you ended up, how your life had panned out, what you had accomplished, and finally how your life came to an end.

What would other people say about your life?  How would you be remembered?

**What do you think your obituary might say?**

The example that I would like to use for this story is that of TV and Movie Star, Tim Allen.  After a very difficult childhood and teenage years, filled with much trouble and partying, Allen found himself sitting alone in his cell of a state penitentiary (early 1990s).  He had been arrested at a Michigan airport after being found with a very large amount of cocaine.  He even admitted, much later, that he was well on his way to becoming a very successful drug dealer.

What if his life would have ended right there, at that point in time…What would his obituary have said?…


Tim Allen passed away January 5th, 1992 in The State Penitentiary.  He died there following his arrest for trying to smuggle a large amount of cocaine through a Michigan airport. Allen is remembered as being a troubled youth who liked to party.  He had a really tough time staying out of trouble, and that all seemed to finally catch up with him.  His funeral will be at The ___________ Funeral Home and is not expected to be very well attended, as he did not have too many friends, and he had not really made anything of himself or his life.  Allen is survived by…

Is that how he would have wanted to be remembered?  Is that how he will be remembered?

Thank Goodness, the answer to both of those questions is NO.  Why?  Because he took his life at that time, and made the decision to turn it all around.  He made the conscious effort to make the most of the gifts and abilities that he had been granted and run with them for all that they were worth.  He concentrated on his strengths, rather than his weaknesses!  He looked at the good instead of the bad.

He began doing comedy shows for the prison inmates and even found a way to crack the toughest of prison guards, making many of them laugh into hysterics.  This was where his “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” character was born.  Soon after he got out of prison, on a dare from a friend, Allen went to a stand up comedy club and used 1 open mic night as his leap into stardom. He was awesome!  This would eventually lead to his starring role on Home Improvement and put him on the map.  Buzz Lightyear and so many other roles would follow, and the rest is very positive history.  He has also done a ton of work with charities and clearly has a soft spot in helping young people see past the tough circumstances that they have been dealt.

How would YOU like to be remembered?  Will YOU be spoken well of?  Will YOU be remembered with love and respect?  Will YOU be missed?

I have a really good feeling that Tim Allen’s obituary may take on a whole different look and feel when the time actually comes.

-Corey Twigg

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