Hello…My Name is Corey Twigg…I am New to Writing Blogs…Why Would You Want to Read Any of Them?

So…Who am I?  And maybe the better question to be asked…Why should you read any of my Blogs?

Hello, my name is Corey, and I am 42 years old.  I reside with my family (My wife and 2 Daughters) in Pennsylvania.  I am a School Teacher and a Lifelong Baseball Coach (All levels up to and including HS).  I have a few passions in my life that I feel lend itself very well to Blogging/Sharing.

In reading my Blogs, you will actually be looking inside of my head to see clearly, and also understand just what is going on “in my world.”  I also feel that my Blogs will allow so many of you to relate your world to mine…And in that, I am hoping that you can find some comfort in,  some ideas about, some agreement or disagreement with, a love or a hate for…Or that you can simply find some reading enjoyment in what I feel will be good quality, honest, and from the heart writing.  Writing from “in my world.”

Some passions of mine which will appear often in my Blogs:

*Baseball   *Coaching   *Teaching   *Leading   *Fatherhood   *Marriage   *Christianity   *Mental Health Awareness   *Forming Relationships *Family   *Cancer Awareness   *Men’s Group (Church)

My attempt at becoming an honest to goodness “Blogger” will certainly take and use all of these passions, and share them with all of you through every possible written form of expression out there (stories, poems, quotes, real-life experiences, dreams, and more).  All of this…In the hopes that my writing fires you up in some manner…And also invokes every possible emotion within you at different times.

I want to do this, so you are not only reading and hearing what is going on “in my world,” but also so that you can feel that same world, right along with me.  I want all of you to be touched off with some type of emotion each and every time that you read my Blogs. I want you to feel the writing deep within you…Not just on the surface.

Hopefully, at times, my blogs will make you laugh/cry/shout out in anger and also in joy/scream/slam your fist into something/and so much more…And that I basically wake up your inner spirit with the effects of my fingers lighting up that keyboard on a regular basis!  I hope that this is at least enough to get you to stick around for Blog #1.


Corey Twigg

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