Catching Monkeys in Other Countries…Are You Like a Monkey…Do You Refuse to Let Go?

Image result for monkey with his hand caught in a trap

In many countries, there is a very simple, yet very effective way of hunting monkeys, and helping to control their ever-growing population.

The trap…A simple looking wooden box, with a top that is locked down once set.  Finally, it has a simple hole on the top of it.  This hole is just big enough for the monkeys hand to slide down into the trap.  No more, no less.

Inside the trap is whatever type of bait/food that the hunters see fit.

The monkeys…Very stubborn animals…Will walk right up to the traps, even among large crowds of people, and slide their hands down inside of it, in order to grab the bait/food.  Once the monkey has grabbed it in its hand, the fist now holding the bait becomes too large to be pulled back out of the hole in the top of the trap.  Just big enough for the hand to slide in, just small enough not to let the fist come back out.  No more, no less. 

At that point, each and every monkey has to make a choice…They either let go of the bait, slide their hand back out, and run free back into the world, or they hang onto it, and get caught by the hunter.

You guessed it…Every day of the week, and twice on Sundays, the monkeys choose to hang onto the bait and be captured.  Every single time.

Unfortunately, many of us are no different than these monkeys.  We can be stubborn too.  We choose to grab onto some things in our lives…understanding and knowing that we could be holding onto something which could ultimately lead to our demise…And you guessed it…Many times, we choose not to let it go and escape.

The people in this world who are successful, and who refuse to be held back make the decision to let it go.  Each and every single time.  Whatever it is that is slowing them down, causing them to move backwards, or ruining their lives.  They simply let it go.

Can you let it go?

-Corey Twigg

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