Words Can Hurt…Words Can Cut Like Knife…Speak Kindly of Others

In Small-town, USA, a teacher made a few statements which really insulted one of his co-workers.  The next day, while sitting at home, he began to realize that he had made a big mistake by doing so.

He thought about what he should do, and decided that going and talking to the pastor at his church would at least be a good start.  When he asked the pastor what he should do to make amends with his co-worker, he was more than perplexed by the answer that he was given.

He was told to take the church’s container of shredded paper down to the wide open field in the middle of his town, and dump it out.  Upon dumping it out, he was then to collect it, retrieve it, put it all back in the container and return it to the church.  As he made his way back to the church, the pastor would soon realize that the container was empty!!??  Before the pastor could say anything, the teacher said, “Pastor, it is quite windy out there today, and I am afraid that I could not retrieve the paper.  It has blown all over town.  No matter what I tried, it was impossible to retrieve it and bring it back to the church for you. I am sorry.”

With that, the pastor explained… “You see, the shredded papers represent your hurtful words.  Once they have been spoken, they are taken by the wind, and you are not ever able to take them back.  No matter how you might try to retrieve them and take them back, it is impossible to do so.”  The pastor said, “It’s ok, I know that you didn’t mean for that to happen.”

I feel that the best thing for you to do, is the same thing that you just did with me.  Apologize for your hurtful words, ask for forgiveness, and hope that it is eventually granted.  There is really nothing else that you can do.

-Corey Twigg

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