Is Coaching Right for Me? Doing Things for the Right Reasons..A Good Coaching Story

There once was a baseball coach who was having some fantastic results with the players he was working with.  The players were getting better and better on a daily basis, he was forming positive relationships with all of them, learning so much about each and every kid, and seeing them as much more than just baseball players.  Their parents were also full of nothing but positive comments, feedback, and more. It was just FANTASTIC!

The results were so good, in fact, that this coach was approached by a baseball organization for employment.  I mean a good, quality organization too, with a BIG reputation, and with a lot of money and cash flow.  This was a BIG deal to everyone else, so he thought, “This must be the right thing to do.”

He was hired on the spot, just from the reputation that preceded him.

The pay was fantastic, and so were the work conditions.  No more little barns, gyms, or inferior baseball facilities.  He had the best of the best of everything at his disposal, 24/7.  The coach was determined to do the best job that he could possibly do.  After all, this was the chance of a lifetime!

His boss handed him some keys for the facility, shared with him the HUGE spreadsheets of clients that he would now be working with, and showed him what his paycheck would look like.  It was all so, so impressive.

On the 1st day, the coach worked with 12 kids at an hour each.  The lessons were good, but he found that he was suddenly feeling rushed by the constant flow of clients that had now become revenue for the company.  It seemed that he could not even take a breath, and the next kid was standing in front of him, waiting for his turn with “the master.”  He made it through day 1, and was exhausted.  He did not even have time for a bathroom break.  He also didn’t walk away from that day with the same satisfaction that he had felt when he was working by himself.  Those “special feelings” were missing.  But it was only day 1.

He was determined to stick it out and make the most of it.  After all, he was making so much more money, and the company was so pleased with the monetary rewards.  And, that was the goal here, right!!??


The weeks went by, and soon became months.  It was working out, but the coach soon realized that he was being slipped more and more players on a daily basis, without even being asked about it first.  Soon, the total number of players that he was working with had skyrocketed to nearly 20 players a day.

“Congratulations,” the company said, “Now you are doing it.  This is fantastic!” they said.  But was it?

Again trying to feel motivated by the companies words, the coach tried harder and harder every day, but something still just wasn’t right.  It was just not getting any better.  Day after day, he was liking this new job less and less.  He even felt like he needed a break from it all.  Something he had never felt before.

“I must be losing my abilities as a coach,” he thought.  “How else could this be happening to me?”  He went to the company and apologized, saying that he just did not understand exactly what was going on, and that he just wasn’t feeling very effective.  The company was dumbfounded, and tried very hard to convince him otherwise.

And then it hit him.  He realized that he was never able to stop and take it all in, like he once had.  He had no rest, the way that he used to.  He had no positive interaction with the kids and the parents during, and between all of his lessons.  He hadn’t smiled and watched a child’s glorious reaction to success in over a week.  All of that had disappeared with the beginning of this “wonderful” business venture.

Finally, he heard a voice say to him…”When was the last time that you coached for the look in the players’ eyes? or for the pride on the parent’s face after seeing success from their child? or even for that positive feeling of the players amazing themselves?  When was the last time that you actually coached for all of the right reasons?”

“For all of the right reasons,” he said to himself.  “That’s it.  I am not doing this for the right reasons.  I am doing this for somebody else’s right reasons, but certainly not for my own.”

With that…The coach immediately decided that he needed to walk away from his new job.


This story is mine.  I own it.

In the past, I have sometimes gotten so busy, that I did not take the time to look at the kid standing before me.  The one who actually matters.  In this world, it seems that everyone is getting busier and busier with each passing day…But less happy than they were the day before.

Why?  Have we all forgotten to do things for the right reasons?  There’s nothing wrong with being busy and productive.  But to what end?  And when is enough…ENOUGH?   We need to stop ourselves from neglecting the important things in life.  Doing better for others, more time for ourselves, getting closer to our faith, more time for our family units, more time for life’s right reasons.

We all need time for these things, in order to learn, grow, and reflect.  If we don’t stop and look around every once in a while, will we ever be able to stop this never ending cycle?

I have found the answer to this last question…Now go out and find your answer!

-Corey Twigg

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