Take a Deep Breath Daddy…I Love You

Take a deep breath Daddy.

There was a man who had lost his wife to cancer.  He was left alone in this world with his 2 beautiful daughters.  You also have to understand, this dad had no clue when it came to girls (not without his wife right by his side).  He was simply lost when it came to girls.  You see, he had grown up with only boys in his family/extended families.  It was only after meeting and marrying his wife, that he ended up living in “a house of pink.”  A beginner in the world of girls…And worse than that.  A beginner in the world of being a single parent.

Since she had passed, things had gotten pretty tough, and at times, even negative…Due mostly to the fact that he had a lot trouble relating to and understanding his baby girls.  And they were not babies any more either…Making it tougher yet. 

One morning while he and the girls readied for work and school, he asked his oldest to make sure that she threw in a load of laundry before they would be off to school.  It had not been done in about a week, and he was thin on shirts and more for the rest of the week. He did not realize that they were already running about 5 minutes late.

He had also failed to realize that his daughter, who had been troubled by severe anxiety since her mom passed, was literally scared to death at the thought of being late to do anything.  She just mentally had a very tough time, unless she was good and early getting to places.  He knew that, but he failed to give it any credit today.

As soon as he asked her to do it, she began sobbing and sobbing.  Not just crying, but an emotional bowl full of jelly.  He did not understand.  And then he misunderstood some more, and assumed that it was just her way of getting out of doing work.  He got angry, and told her to suck it up, and to stop crying.  He said, “I didn’t raise a cry baby.  You need to toughen up!”

She was not someone who would willfully disobey her dad, so she did start down the steps to the laundry room.  But she stopped at the bottom of the stairs, turned back at him with a “death glare,” and then became fixated on something outside.  She stood for nearly 3-4 minutes without moving so much as a muscle.  She did not go to the laundry room either.  She just grabbed her things for school.  He chose to let it go for now.

You see, when his wife was alive, he would love to help get the girls up and around, and he really relished their drives to school each day.  It was their kind of daddy-daughter bonding time, and also that point when the girls could let down their guard, and tell daddy whatever their little hearts desired, with no fear of retribution.  It was a trusted place. 

On this morning though, there would be none of that.  It was “crickets” in that car.  Upon dropping the girls off, dad gave his best, half-hearted good-bye, which was met with nothing but silence and yet another death stare.  She then looked like she wanted to hide, as she slowly left the car, with all of her friends/teachers/and classmates waiting right around the corner.  Dad just shook his head.

When he got to work, he tried to start off his day.  He got coffee, and then caught himself sitting and thinking about his daughter’s tears as it got cold.  He then started to check his e-mails, before fading off of them and envisioning the tears again.  His boss even popped in talk to him, but he did not even hear what was said, over the strong vision of his daughter, whom he truly loved with all of his heart.

He began to realize that this was all wrong.  All horribly wrong.  “None of that had to happen this morning,” he told himself…And with every passing minute, he felt worse and worse.  It was so bad now in fact, that he had started to sweat like crazy.  He had reached the point where he could not take it anymore.  He told his boss that he needed to leave the office for a bit and off he went.

He needed to apologize to her.  Someway, somehow.  It couldn’t wait another second.  He drove back to her school, wrote her an excuse, and asked the secretary to call her down to the office to meet him. 

When she arrived, the weirdest look came across her face.  One of those, “What in the heck are you doing here?” looks.  He could not help himself, he immediately gave her the biggest bear hug that anyone had ever seen.  Besides being a little bit embarrassed, the teen truly felt so good to be held for even a brief moment by her daddy.

They then walked outside to the car. He said, “Let’s go…I am taking you to the mall for the afternoon.”  She finally said, “Dad, I have school, what’s going on?”  He looked at her with a HUGE tear in his eye, and he said, “Honey, I am sorry…So sorry for what happened this morning at the house.  I had no right to ask you to do that, when you were already busy with 100 other things, and right before school.  I am sorry.  I know that you need me, and this morning, I had forgotten that.  I also never told you that I loved you when you got out of the car, and I could not have lived with myself if something would have happened to you without a proper goodbye.”  He had learned that lesson from his own mother.

The last thing he did was ask for her forgiveness.  With that, she immediately returned that HUGE bear hug back to her father, and this time, cried tears of happiness.  She forgave him, and then some.  She also said, I love you too daddy!

Folks…I Love You, and I am Sorry are 2 of, if not THE 2 most important phrases in the English language.  They are so much more than just words…They are like band-aids, butterfly bandages, stitches, and even skin glue.  The cover up the wounds and allow them to heal. 

Have you said either of these things today?

-Corey Twigg

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