Your World Through My Eyes

There once was a girl who was a foster child.  She was also blind…And she hated herself for both of those things.  She had no real parents, and she looked at blindness like she had no real eyes at all.  For her, no parents, and no eyes equaled no happiness whatsoever.

She really did love her foster dad though, as he took very good care of her always. He loved her with all of his heart, and made sure that everything was good for her.  He was there when she really needed him… “Always and forever!” as he would often say to her. 

She constantly reminded her foster dad, that if she could only see, things would be so much better.  She wished for sight, she hoped for sight, and she prayed for sight.  Over and over and over and over again. 

Then, the greatest news came!  She was told that she was going to be receiving a pair of eyes and having eye replacement surgery.  Someone must have donated their eyes, in the same way that people donate their organs when they pass away.  She and her foster dad were both so happy!

She decided that when she received her new eyes and had vision for the first time, that she would look for, find, and finally be able to look at her real parents.  She so wanted to know if she looked like them.  “That is the first thing I must do.” she said to herself.  She told her foster father to be prepared because she would be doing that immediately upon being able to see.  She wanted him to understood that when the time came.  She could not wait for that!  He was so happy for her, and said, “That will be fine.”

Once the girl had opened her eyes for the first time, she realized that her foster father was blind too.  She hated being blind so much, that it actually kind of turned her off, whenever she would look at him.  Her hate of blindness was so strong.  She could not believe that he was blind, and she wondered how he could have ever done do so much for her all of those years.  This made her so grateful for him. 

At that point, though, she came to the realization that she would no longer be able to stay with her foster dad.  Her hate of blindness altogether, was driving her away from him.  She was saddened, maddened, and even sickened with even the word blind, let alone looking at it every day for the rest of her life.

She said, “Well, I will see you later.  I am going out in search of my real parents.  I will miss you, but I have to go.  I have to do this for my sake.  I hope that you understand.  Wish me luck!”

He responded by saying, “Good luck, I love you, and I will miss you!”  She honestly had a tough time even looking at him now.  And the thought of getting close to him gave her the willies. 

But then he said something that caused the world to stop spinning… 

He said, “Honey, Please take care of my eyes.  The happiest days of my life was watching you grow up from a baby, and then being there to take care of you, and see all of your accomplishments and dreams with my very own eyes.  I decided that I had seen all that I needed to see of this world, and felt that it was now your turn.  I wanted to be sure that you would be able to see those same things with your own children and your family.  I gave you my eyes baby.”

With that, she dropped all of her luggage on the floor, ran to her foster father, and hugged him so, so tight.  She sobbed uncontrollably in his strong arms, and hung like a wet dish rag.  She decided that she would not leave him.  Not now, not ever.  The thought of going to search for her parents lost its importance.  She figured after someone as giving as this man, anything else would most certainly be a letdown.  She stayed by his side, and from this day forward, she was fine with his blindness…She was also ok with now, with simply calling her foster dad… “Daddy.”

Would you give anything for your kids?

-Corey Twigg

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