Are You Doing Your Part?

There once was a boy who needed help.  He needed help from his parents, his teachers, his coaches, and he needed help from God.  He was in a very bad place in his life, and he simply did not know how to let others know that he was hurting.  Every day he thought and thought about just what he could do, to draw some attention to himself in order for all of these people to notice him in his time of need.

He would cry, he would pace nervously, and he would sit and stare at the ceiling.  He knew that his heart was hurting so bad, and he knew that he needed to be comforted… He just didn’t know how to ask for HELP!!??

During one particular, painful night, after a long day at school and practice, he simply could not take it anymore.  His parents were not home, and he finally was at his breaking point.  He had an idea.  He decided that he was going to burn his house down in anger and frustration.

And so he did…

Over the next few days, weeks, and months, everyone that he had needed so much actually started to come to him.  His parents spent extra time with him, and took a bigger role in his life, making sure that they talked to him many times throughout the day.  His teachers took the extra few minutes whenever they could to put their arm around him and ask if he needed anything or to see if he was ok.  His coaches actually started to form relationships with him, instead of just coaching him.  And most importantly, he started to feel God around him.

God did not though, just come to him in person, and without any help.  God came to him through every single person who played even a simple role in his life.  Even his lunch lady became nicer to him and talked to him, sneaking him an extra treat once in a while.  “It was fantastic,” he thought.

And all that he had to do for this wonderful feeling inside was burn his house down.

Parents…Teachers…Coaches…And yes, even you Lunch Ladies out there…Wouldn’t it make sense to treat all children like this before the house is burnt to the ground?

-Corey Twigg

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