What Makes a Good Coach?  Qualities of a Good Coach…Is it you?


Are you a good coach? 

This BLOG should definitely start to help you find out.

1st of all, let’s just get this right out there in the open.  If you are not a good coach…It is OK.  No one ever said that coaching was easy, and it certainly isn’t for everyone.

One of the great things though, is this.  You can become a better coach if you are willing to listen, learn, and apply some basic principles. 

If you are not willing to do those things, then do everyone a favor, and get as far away from coaching as you can, before you ruin any more kids, or even your own good reputation.

Many people say that coaching is a no-win situation, and that it is a thankless job.  Most agree that it can frustrate you like nothing you have ever experienced in your life.  They also agree that it is a job which exposes you to the public eye.

The best part of the above statement…These things are only true if you allow them to be.

Here are the questions that you need to ask yourself in order to help you decide.

  • 1 – Are you a communicator?
  • 2 – Do you just throw the kids out there in a lineup and let them play?
  • 3 – Do you ‘blow up” and yell at mistakes and when things go wrong?
  • 4 – Are you easily offended and sent on the defensive when dealing with athletes and their parents?
  • 5 – Do you make the game work, work, work…Every day, all of the time? Is winning all that matters?
  • 6 – Are you truthful and honest in every possible situation as a coach?
  • 7 – Do you truly care about your players/do you try to form relationships with them?
  • 8 – Do you coach with PASSION?
  • 9 – Do you practice ALL that you preach?
  • 10 – Do you ever listen to anyone besides yourself?
  • 11 – Do you work on bettering yourself as a coach?
  • 12 – Do you set both short and long-range goals for your TEAM?
  • 13 – Do you mess with the heads of your players?
  • 14 – Do you have a tough time talking to the players? Do you talk to them in a weak, quiet voice?  Do you look them in the eye and discipline them when need be?
  • 15 – Is athletic ability all that you care about?
  • 16 – Do you teach/coach every kid in the exact same fashion?
  • 17 – Is it about you?
  • 18 – Can you handle the ups and downs, and keep things in perspective?
  • 19 – Are you a Debby Downer?
  • 20 – Do you make your athletes feel like they are better than they are?

Are you a good coach?

My next BLOG will go further into each of these questions, and I will explore them all with much more depth and detail…Just in case, you are still not quite sure…

-Corey Twigg

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