Valentine’s Poem for my Darling

Valentine’s Day Poem for my Darling…


They say that true love is:

When you look your partner in the eye, and know that it’s meant to be,

They say it’s in the way that I feel when she is spending time with me.

They say it’s in a kiss…

Or in a together wish…

Or even a dessert-shared dish.

Finally, they say:

It is a feeling that you get,

The first time that we met.

And that flutter in your heart,

At the relationship start.


You see though…I have a very different definition for true love.

My definition is:

Finding that person who loves you in the non-romantic times.

Like when you were sick and throwing up from too many Coronas w/limes.

Or the time you were at the bar for way too long,

With company was questionable, and most likely wrong.

Who loves you even when you fall,

All of those times, when you’re not really making it at all.

Or that one time when you were nasty and mean,

But instead should have treated her, on that day, like a queen.

Finally, the one who takes you as you are,

And just shakes their head, even when you have taken it way too far.

This is the way my baby loves me…

And because of that, I am as happy as I can possibly be!


True love is being able to say that, without a doubt…

I love you today more than any other Valentine’s Day!

Love, Me

-Corey Twigg

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