Baseball Drills…Youth to Adult…Teaching the Correct and Appropriate Batting Stance

Baseball Drills: Batting Stance Tips

Teaching a player the correct/proper batting stance

-Feet should be shoulder width apart (or wider)

-Toes should be in line and even (front and back foot)

-Weight should be 60% on the back leg and 40% on the front – To achieve this, have a slight bend in the back knee, and a front leg which is nearly straight

-Elbows should be relaxed and just kind of hanging down…Not up – No tension

-To hold the bat correctly, the player should be holding it on their fingertips with their “knocking knuckles” lined up or close – This should automatically line up your knuckles

-Hands should be out in front of the shoulder or higher (the ear)

-The head should be turned so that the pitcher can see both of the hitter’s eyes – Keeping your chin over top of your front shoulder helps take care of this

-The head should be straight up, and not leaning on it’s side

-Corey Twigg

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