Baseball Drills…Youth to College…How Do You Feel about them? (Baseball drills from youth to adult)

My thoughts about baseball drills:

-Coach Corey Twigg

Besides live baseball work, creating game-like drills is the best/smartest thing that you can do as a coach.  Drills truly are the little pieces of the puzzle, which fit together perfectly to make the game a whole.

The game of baseball boils down completely to:

Being able to accomplish the plays at a very high percentage, one fundamental at a time.

Drills allow you to not only teach, but also to make corrections and suggestions right then and there…For one player/a group of players/or all of your players.

You need definite variety to your drills.  You also need versatility in all of your drills.  You can get so much mileage out of drills that serve more than 1 purpose.  It really is awesome!

Time is always at a premium, so finding drills with both variety and versatility is one of, if not the most important thing that you can do as a head coach (For yourself and your TEAM).

Do not run a drill forever.  Have a time limit and stick to it.  If not, drills can accidentally and very easily go on for way too long…Killing both the drill and the entire intensity of the practice.  

If a drill does not seem to be working, move on.  Do not get stagnant with your drill sessions.  Keep them moving.  

Drills should basically be easy for your players to get into/to get started/to accomplish.  

Drills, as much as possible, should also be fun.  Example…Sprints are not much fun…Unless you can make it a game or a competition.  That always seems to help.  This makes it a win-win for all involved.  

The more active a drill can be, the better off we will all be.  #1 – It keeps everyone moving.  #2 – The level and amount of reps increases greatly – The more reps generally = Better drill – #3 – This helps to keep the concentration level very high – Another win-win!

Do not pick a lot of drills where movement is at a minimum.  

LIFE COACHING LESSON – Don’t ever say that “We will do this drill until we get it right/get it perfect.”  What if that never happens?  Makes for a L O N G practice!

Don’t ever say that we are going to do this drill 15 times either.  What if it rains, we lose our gym space, or a crater hits the earth?

Athleticism turns into mechanical and robotic movement when players are asked to be athletic for too long without a break or a drill change.  

Make a list of you and your team’s favorite and most productive drills, and do them over and over, as much as possible!

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