How to Bunt Properly and Correctly… How do You Bunt? Bunting Advice for Baseball

Bunting advice

-Coach Corey Twigg

Never bunt a pitch that is a ball…(Unless it is a squeeze bunt – Isn’t there always at least 1 exception to every rule!!??)

Sacrifice means exactly that.  Give yourself up for the good of the team.  You are a “sacrifice.”  You are looked at as an “out.”  It is not a surprise to anyone, so don’t act like it is.

Bunting for a hit should be left for the athletic players who can also run…PERIOD.  It is certainly not for every player.  Don’t kid yourself.

Never bunt a ball above your hands, once you have achieved proper bunting position.  Simply pull the bat back and take the pitch.  Make the pitcher sweat.  Put the pressure on him.

Get the hands out on front of you, and also out on front of the plate (makes for a better bunting angle).  Your hands also need to be where your eyes can see them easily.

The bat should not be level or straight while in the proper bunting stance.  The bat should be at a 45 degree angle.

You drop your body down for a lower pitch.  You simply bend more at the knees.  Do not try to only move your bat or your barrel down to a lower pitch.  That makes things difficult.

You actually do both, drop the barrel on the ball, and try to catch the ball with the bat in order to “deaden” it properly.  It is a combination of the 2.

DO NOT “square around” to bunt.  This is not your grandpa’s game anymore.  You pivot both feet in a very similar fashion as to when you are swinging/hitting.

Toes are rotated basically towards the pitcher.


Image result for Proper bunting position


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