Holding a Baseball Bat…How to Properly Hold and Grip a Baseball Bat…The Setup

How to properly hold/grip a baseball bat in your hands:

By Coach Corey Twigg

The bat should be held in your fingertips as much as possible (unless the hands are just too small).

The fingers are the strongest part of your hand by far.  Think of someone trying to crush an egg in their palm when you were little, and you were amazed that they couldn’t do it.  But then they took that exact same egg in their fingertips and crushed it like it was a cotton ball!!!???

The palm is also not flexible enough for the bat speed and amount of whip that is necessary to swing the bat correctly.  That part of the hand is not made for the wicked fast movements required to hit the pitch with the maximum amount of velocity and force.

The “knocking knuckles” should be lined up as well, when you are holding the bat (or as close as your possible).

Image result for correct bat grip

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