Holding a Baseball Bat…Where to Properly and Correctly Hold a Baseball Bat Before the Swing…The Setup

Where to properly hold a baseball bat pre-swing.

-Coach Corey Twigg

The baseball bat should be held anywhere from right in front of your back shoulder, all the way up to ear level.  A comfort zone needs to be found.

*Do not forget…Typically, the higher your hands start, the less they will have to do in order to hit most pitched balls.  When a pitch is lower than your hands, you simply let the hands go, and “drop” the barrel to it.  Drop does not mean slow and methodical (see below).

*If the pitch is slightly above your hands though, you need to lift them in order to get on proper plane with the baseball.  If not, typically the ball will be popped up or mishit.

THEREFORE…*For younger hitters, starting the hands slightly higher than more advanced players makes a whole lotta sense.

*Do not “drop” the hands as the swing begins (hitch).  We “throw” the hands, we do not drop them.  This is a violent, yet controlled movement.

*Swing the bat right from the shoulder or the ear (wherever you start them).  You do not need to move them all over the place for every next swing.

Image result for Proper place to hold the hands before the swing + baseball

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