Baseball Drill…Youth to Adult…The “Football Pass” Outfield Drill

“Football Pass” Outfield Drill for Baseball

This drill is done with a group of about 5 players and 1 coach

  • The player who is up faces the coach
  • The rest of the line is behind the coach
  • The coach points over the player’s left or right shoulder
  • The player then “drop steps” and breaks in a dead sprint in that same direction
  • As the player is sprinting the coach throws the ball like a football towards the player and yells, “ball”
  • The player must then pick up the flight of the baseball and make the catch, either by circle under the baseball or continuing to make a running catch
  • The player then jogs the baseball back to the coach as the coach is “passing” the next ball, and returns to the end of the line

Image result for Aaron rodgers throwing in a baseball hat

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