Dugout Rules for Baseball…Youth, High School, College…”Rules for the Dugout”

Dugout Rules

-Coach Corey Twigg

1 – Players and coaches ONLY in the dugout and general dugout area – Parents will drop off drinks and snacks before the game so that they are not bothering the players or the coaches during the game

2 – Bats – Should not be swung in or right around the door of the dugout – Find the On-Deck Circle

2 – Keep your hands and fingers out of the fencing that protects the dugout

3 – Players may only leave the dugout for … The Bathroom … Chasing Foul Balls … The On-Deck Circle

4 – Trash goes in the garbage cans located in or right outside of the dugout – Do not throw wrappers, bottles, GUM or any other waste on the ground – Seed shells are OK

5 – Bench players must keep their heads in the game and know the situation if they expect to play – If the coach asks them a situation, and they cannot answer the question, they are then not guaranteed to play in that game

6 – All of the talk within the dugout should be baseball talk until the game is over – We are only here for 2 hours a day…Let’s keep it all about baseball – If the players cannot do that, then they are not guaranteed to play in that game

7 – Only positive comments ALWAYS

8 – The players who have earned the right to be sitting in the dugout are the Pitcher, the Catcher, the Player who has just finished running the bases and the coaches – The rest of the TEAM should be standing, talking, encouraging, and talking baseball

9 – Players who are on the bench at the end of an inning should help get the gear to the players who are in the field – Pick up your teammates always – They will then do the same for you

10 – Players may not be at the concession stand during the game – The only exception is if they have to get their own ice for a minor injury

11 – No foul language

12 – No tobacco

13 – No throwing equipment (in or out of the dugout)

14 – No earrings worn in the dugout or on the field

15 – When the game is over – “T G I”

            T = Team gear – Clean that all up 1st

            G = Garbage and trash – Clean that all up 2nd

            I = Individual Gear – Clean that up last







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