The Relay Throwing Drill for Baseball…The Cut-Off Baseball Drill…Learning How to Use the Cut-Off Man in baseball

Baseball Drills:

This drill is mainly used for learning the proper way to complete the single or double cut-off in baseball.

This drill is for the defense, and can utilize the entire TEAM at different points.

Please feel free to add in other ideas, steps, or contests and fun.

You should have already taught throwing, catching, and shuffling the feet to your target before doing this drill with your TEAM.

Equipment You Will Need:

  1. Baseballs – If you are doing this drill with younger players, you may want to use T-Balls or a soft-cored ball for safety
  2. Outfielders and infielders with gloves

How do we actually do this drill?

  • Split your players up into equal teams – The number of players on each team is determined by the amount of space that you have to use
  • Each team will be set up in an extended line where it goes player, 25 feet of space, player, 25……..And so on
  • Make sure that ability levels are similar with this drill, as many kids get anxious (especially in the contest part), and start throwing as hard as Nolan Ryan in his prime!
  • The baseball starts in the hand of the player on each team whom you tabbed as #1
  • That player then gets the ball in his glove and readies himself for the whistle and his throw.
  • On the whistle, that player throws the ball to the glove side of the next player (and so on, all the way to the end of the line).
  • You will want to go over the fact that when the receiver of the ball (cut-off man) catches the ball on his glove side, it makes it much quicker and easier to then transfer the ball into his own throwing hand to make the next throw
  • Winning team is the first team to catch the baseball with the last player in the line.

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