Remember the Game “Pickle” as a Young Baseball Player? Here’s a Great Story About the Game Which Helped All of Us Learn Run-Downs!

Who remembers the game “Pickle?”

A group of boys, one day, decided to play a game of pickle down at the local baseball field.  With four boys, they decided that 2 players would be the fielders/catchers/guys standing at each base, and that the other 2 boys would be the runners, who were actually “in the pickle.”

There was also a rather large crowd of friends who had gathered to watch.  When everyone saw who the 2 fielders were, they all told the 2 picklers, “You might as well not even try because the 2 best players in town are the throwers.  They are going to get you in no time.”

The two picklers ignored the comments and tried to stay safe, as long as they possibly could.  The fans were yelling and screaming to just give up as the game went on. Shaking their fists and throwing their hands up in disgust…Yelling and carrying on.

Finally, the first pickler gave in to it all, and basically just gave up, as he realized that the kids were probably right.  He just “shut it down,” and allowed them to tag him.  The game ump yelled, “He’s OUT!!!!”  He was now done as the runner, until they also nabbed the other one.

The other picker though, continued to run back and forth, as hard as he could. And once again, the fans just yelled, and screamed, and jumped up and down, and carried on…They yelled again, “Just give up…You’re as good as out.  You will not be safe.”

That made him run back and forth, even harder than before.  The 2 best players got so disgusted and disappointed with not being able to get him out, that they actually seemed to be the ones wanting to quit and give up.  It was amazing.

When the time came that they did finally did get him out (as he was so tired, that he just couldn’t even run anymore)…The fans said to him, “Didn’t you hear us just telling you to quit a long time ago?  You were as good as out.  They were the 2 best ballplayers on the block.  Why didn’t you listen to us and just quit?”

The child read their lips, and then began to explain with sign language that he was deaf.  He then went on to tell them that he thought they were encouraging him the entire time, and not telling him to quit.


-Corey Twigg

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One thought on “Remember the Game “Pickle” as a Young Baseball Player? Here’s a Great Story About the Game Which Helped All of Us Learn Run-Downs!

  1. Awesome story about positive mental attitude Corey. You have an amazing repertoire which you have developed — i never knew but i am not surprised – success begins with a foundation, and it is obvious that your foundation is excellent!

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