I feel that, to really be able to teach Aggressive Hitting, that it needs to be done in a 3-Step Process.

#1 – You must 1st state to all of your hitters that, as of this minute, we are all changing our approaches at the plate.  They must know and understand exactly what you want from them, as a coach.  You become somewhat of a salesman.  They must also understand that making this TEAM adjustment is a REALLY BIG DEAL to you and your coaching staff.  You can even say things like…”This is a BIG DEAL thing that we are going to do here.” Or try this one…”We want to change our approach, and become known as the most aggressive TEAM in not only in our area, but in this entire state.”  The coach needs to make this a priority for his offense.  Let them know that, “We want to be known for our tenacity at the plate, and for our aggressive cuts!”

#2 – Make sure that you actually “teach” them about Aggressiveness, and what that actually means. Teach (chalk talk/video/game examples/other) your hitters all about HITTER’S COUNTS.  They must know the difference between when they need to be Ultra-Aggressive, Aggressive, and finally, not quite as aggressive.

You and I both know, that many kids have never been “taught/coached” any of those things before they actually entered your program.  Teach it, teach it, and teach it!

#3 – Create Penalties/Disciplines/Extra Work for non-aggressive behavior at the plate (maybe only in a game that is a loss?).  They have to know that there are consequences for non-aggressive hitting.

I am convinced, and I feel convicted, that if you do those 3 things, your hitters will, in turn, enter the batter’s box with a more aggressive approach.  And if they don’t, it’s either time for you to hang em’ up as a coach (NOPE) or find other players who will be (YEP)!

-Corey Twigg

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