As a hitter, what pitch do you look for with the game on the line?

Some possible correct answers:

1-Fast ball

2-The first pitch that leaves his hand…That I am absolutely sure I can handle.              Next = Put a good swing on it.                    Next = Annihilation.                                     Next = Walk-Off Celebration!

3-If you swing at his pitch or allow yourself to give in, then he has you and he beats you. 100 times out of 100. Know that it is a pitch that you can handle…Or game over in favor of the bad guys.

4-Hunt the heater!

5-Depends on the count and the situation and also what is the pitcher most confident in. He will go to his best stuff when cornered.

6-During every single at bat the pitcher will make a mistake. Know his tendencies and piss on his mistake.

7-Always sit fastball adjust curve don’t get beat by a heater with the game on the line.

8-3rd and inches isnt the same as 3rd and 20. The down and distance matter. The clock matters. You cant call a play in football without that information. Same in baseball. Big difference between 3-1 count and an 0-2 count. Power arm verses soft deceptive arm. Baserunners, inning and score all impact offensive approach.

9-Always prepared to hit mistakes

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