What pitch do you throw/call with the game on the line? Why?

Some possible correct answers:

1-Your pitchers best pitch

2-Pitchers best pitch and having the confidence in that pitcher to throw it at any count!

3-A 3-2 deuce

4-Play the percentages. Stick with the fastball. A good hitter gets out 7 out of 10 times. It’s when you try to get fancy that you make a mistake. Throw a STRIKE and let the hitter get himself out.

5-Depends what level the pitcher is at I think. You call the deuce or a 2nd or 3rd best pitch and he doesn’t deliver…Game, set, match.

If the pitcher though, is in the game and has a feel, a good lather and the needed moxxy for the game at hand, then go for it. Call the unexpected.

6-Its better to throw the wrong pitch whole-heartedly than the right pitch half-heartedly. Whatever your pitcher is most confident in. I think its ok to call pitches from the dugout but you need to let your guys have the option to shake if they believe in a pitch

7-That’s what we do. Our call is a suggestion based on what we see… the players are the ones playing and have a feel for what they want so if a shake off is needed… okay. whatever they throw they need throw it with conviction.

8-A strike!

9-Game on the line… I’m going with the pitcher’s best pitch. If he gets beat throwing his best pitch you can keep your head up. Do not get beat with your second best, no regrets!

10-I agree with going with your best pitch like everyone else, but it’s so important to set up one’s best pitch. The count and the game situation has a definite impact of when and what to throw! From an umpire’s perspective, those most experienced umpires also understand what’s going on in this situation and will focus even more. And, that’s to be there for the batter as well as the pitcher. Especially umpires who were catchers or pitchers.

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