Why Do We Do Some Fielding Drills on Our Knees? Fielding Drill…Knee drills for Fielding.



Why Do We Do Some Fielding Drills on Our Knees?

Most people do not realize this…But when a baseball player (infielder) is asked to do drills while being on his knees, many positive things are a direct result!  The player can actually learn and teach himself so much about the proper mechanics of fielding ground balls and being a better defender at his position. 

#1 – The player is down much closer to the ground to be able to see what actually occurs and happens in and around the hand/glove/ball area.  Just as a player watches the bat hit the ball, the player can watch the ball go into the glove.

#2 – There is no way to field in this position without your hands being in front of the body (unless you are a ghost or invisible)………

#3 – There is no way that the baseball is going to get too far back in the player’s fielding stance, and therefore get behind his glove or behind him.  They do not have the option of the ball getting too deep and therefore, playing them.

#4 – Due to all of the above…The player learns to field entirely with his hands, elbows, glove, and hands out on front of him.  That is a Win Win.



-Corey Twigg


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